Discussion Group-Fight Sexism

SATURDAY, AUG. 20, 2pm-4pm

San Francisco Main Library
Sycip Family Conference Room – 4th Floor

This is a discussion group organized by Socialist Action, an anti-sexist, feminist revolutionary party that fights for women’s liberation. All are welcome to join. We’ve provided background reading to stimulate discussion. To read, click the links below.

For more information: slutwalkdiscussion@gmail.com



On Jan. 24, Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti stood before a group of students at York University and volunteered his misguided assessment of the route to rape prevention, stating: “to prevent victimization … women should avoid dressing like sluts.”
Sanguinetti couldn’t have anticipated the backlash that followed this unbridled display of sexism in remarks that shed light on the backward mentality around sexual violence against women among police officers in the 21st century. His comments sparked a wave of grassroots demonstrations known as “slutwalks,” which have blossomed in recent months into a global phenomenon linking feminists of all stripes.
 The original march, “Slutwalk Toronto,” was organized by a group of five women who expected a modest turnout but were made aware of the latent anger about the situation of women when nearly 3000 came out to march. Since the initial action, marches drawing thousands have spread successfully to cities in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and in nearly 45 cities in the United States and continue to build momentum and gain attention among youth and adults through Facebook and word of mouth.